Finished Creatures

Finished Creatures

Precarious times call for more poetry: more ecopoetry, more political poetry, more poems of beauty and daring. 

Finished Creatures is a platform for new and established poets: a carefully printed magazine, produced with an eye for detail and originality.

Here you will find poets engaging with the realities of the Anthropocene. You’ll find work that considers human and non-human beings with equal interest and affinity, and which sometimes explores the territory in between.  

Alongside environmental and ecopoetry are poems that draw on personal experience, politics, myth and science to express something new and restless.   

Finished Creatures

Launch Issue April 2019



Issue one of Finished Creatures will be launched in April 2019. The theme for this first issue is Airborne – interpreted widely and wildly.

Our submissions window closed recently and the magazine is now in production.

A submissions call for issue two will be announced in June 2019.

The first issue of the magazine is edited by Jan Heritage with contributions from guest editors. 

Jan has a publishing background, and was Promotions Manager for Faber and Faber. Her own work has been widely published in UK magazines and anthologies. She has Masters degrees in American Literature (Sussex) and Creative Writing (Royal Holloway) where she specialised  in Ecopoetics.


The submissions window for issue one of Finished Creatures has recently closed.

Thank you to all who have sent work for consideration: so many good poems!    

It has been a privilege to carefully read all of them, and to gradually bring together a collection of poems that work well with the theme and direction of this first issue.         

Future issues will have different themes and editors: the aim is to keep it dynamic – so please submit again.

A submissions window for issue two will be announced in June 2019.



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